Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Module 8 Virtual gallery walk Activity 3

You have experienced a physical gallery walk where you set up exhibits against the wall and use stickies to comment on the various scenarios that you were presented with. Sometimes we are not in the same physical location but needs to work together and share ideas. A virtual gallery walk is just the thing!

Another advantage is that we can build a great professional and personal learning network by collaborating and sharing within a virtual environment. In the next exercise you will summarize your thoughts for every exhibit and share it using blog comments.

Let every member of your group choose an exhibit and go and participate in the exhibit discussion by leaving comments on that specific exhibit blog e.g.
Member 1: Exhibit 1: Digital identities
Member 2: Exhibit 2: Phishing
Member 3: Exhibit 3: PLNs pr PLCs
Member 4: Exhibit 4: Online safety

You can consult your notes/wall stickies from your physical walk for ideas. Feel free to go and comment on the other exhibits as well if you have time left during the session. You can also carry on the discussion whenever you have internet access at home or at school.


  1. Online safety - It is important to have an updated and relevant ICT Policy in place so that when irregularities occur it is consulted to address such. In addition to that educate learners about different issues related to online safety from time to time.

    Divers group

  2. Exhibit1 This realy a profile of Maxwell Funo.This group is already mentioned it , its correcly.
    Yes there aer people who convinced by him inorder to follow him as well.
    There is no content to teach learnrs they will never focus on this insted they will play.
    No. thres is no contentin this to teach learners.
    It is really because peoplle use efilling Department.
    Your email should be convidential noone knows it.
    As a teacher you should soppose to suppervice learnrs.
    To check them individuality.
    To teach them about the importance of device.
    EXHBIT 3a
    Yes you can use different Apps. Inorder to get infomation.
    Caps documents cannot show the really what you should do as an educator.
    Yes there is a lot of information there.
    EX H BIT 3c
    Yes thers are topics which shoould be followed to assists an educator to teach.
    Yes there is a lot of information there.

    1. The best way to gt good information is to connect to star teachers- Which one of these exhibit examples make that possible?

  3. ProfileA and C are yes because his profile attached and a background summary together with his email address
    We will connect to soas to get more info on how touse ICT in our c/rooms for effective learning and teaching
    To become a good listener to help maximise your learners perfomance.

  4. I agree with exhibition 4 .Sometimes the behaviour of learners can lead u to drastic measures that you may b liable for so policy can assist u to sort the conditions .
    Zwedala Nomapa

  5. She/ he is wrong because is breaking the policy rules .