Saturday, 1 February 2014

Module 7 and 8 training for our ICT4RED teachers

Today we are welcoming all our #ict4red teachers back to Queens college for a continuation of our ICT4RED course. We will be doing Gallery walks and a field trip to demonstrate how these 2 classroom strategies can help our learners to become 21st century champions. The teachers will be using their tablets to explore how this can be done in their classrooms.

To get live updates from the venue, follow our very lively twitter stream here:

During the gallery walk, the teachers will be discussing very important issues using topical exhibits. They will then go online and continue the discussing in a virtual environment (this blog). The exhibit discussion is taking place here:

The topics under discussion are:
Exhibit 1: Digital identities
Exhibit 2: Phishing
Exhibit 3: PLNs pr PLCs
Exhibit 4: Online safety