Sunday, 2 June 2013

Welcome to our ICT4RED mobile learning journey

Welcome to an exciting journey of personal and professional growth. We are so excited to learn with you and from you ! This professional development course will run for about six months in which time you will be developing a toolbox of teaching, technology and 21st century skills. It is natural to feel a bit nervous at the start but if you look around you you will see everyone else is also a bit unsure. If you work together and support each other you will enjoy the journey together. We would like to encourage you to use all the opportunities that will be coming your way. The course consists of 10 modules. In each module you will be given the opportunity to learn about some teaching method, relevant assessment strategies, some technology skills and the opportunity to think and write about your learning. As you develop new skills and can demonstrate them you will be earning badges that are an acknowledgement of challenges that you have successfully achieved. So let’s start...

Question: How do you feel at the beginning of this mobile learning journey?