Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Alex Final Badging- A jaribaaa Experience

Last week we did our last badging in Alexandra High school and we really did have a Jaribaaaa time! The most rewarding element of the #ICT4RED training course is to see how the teachers are implementing what they are learning during the course into their classroom practice despite having to cope with their school being rebuild around them, hectic teaching deadlines and other training demands.

As the whole course is gamified, accreditation is also done through awarding the teachers badges for milestones achieved after every training session. We don't believe in "dumping" tablets that won't be used as teachers do not know how to integrate them into their classroom practice.  We rather propose that teachers have to change their classroom practice in order to enhance students learning experiences with or without tablets. Our modules are therefore designed to encourage active participation by learners in a learners centred (not teacher centred) environment. The technology (tablets) is therefore lightly embedded into every hands-on module and by the conclusion of the course most teachers as confident not only to use their tablets, but also to innovate their classroom practice with the support of mobile technologies.

The teachers have to earn 13 compulsory badges in order to "earn" their tablet. This means that they have to prove that they have implemented the learner centred strategies at least once in their classrooms. There are also 5 challenge badges that require the use of the internet, which is not always available.

To achieve all the badges take hard work and determination, but our Alex teachers showed us that they can do it in style! On completion the teachers will be awarded a Certificate that entitled them not only to earn their tablet, but also 45 SACE points towards their Teachers Professional Development. The graduation will take place in August were we will officially celebrate our wonderful teacher's success!

A big thank you MARSH Insurance for making all of this possible and supporting the teachers throughout the implementation! Also to Milford and the CoZa Care team who provided training and badging support. You guys rock!!!!

Some of the Jaribaaa badging moments form last week..... See here: https://goo.gl/GPzvGX
Alex Final Badging