Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Alexandra Teachers Field Trip Fun

In Module 8 (a field trip), the teachers of Alexandra High School were privileged  to explore the Sci Bono Centre in Newton, Johannesburg. During this strategy,they had to work together to unravel a range of clues that took them on a scavenger hunt, interacting with all the exciting exhibits on display, covering a range of scientific subjects. Some of the clues were embedded in a QR code thus exposing the teachers to the use of QR codes in the classroom.
As internet access is always a problem,the clues were text based which made it possible to scan without needing connectivity.They could however access the internet for assistance with their own data. Some of the clues were just for fun in order to create team spirit, while the others involved keen observation and collaborative teamwork. 

Apart from getting some serious exercise frantically collecting evidence and answering the activity clues, the animated discussion during the assessment proved to be most entertaining!! The room  was abuzz with the sound of learning!!

To see all the fun that was had, click here or on the photo below: https://goo.gl/photos/r4V8eGsbLoGgyax9A

For a detailed explanation of how to organise and create a field trip scavenger hunt Click here: