Thursday, 13 April 2017

How to scare the CEO....

Last week Marsh hosted and sponsored an ICT4RED TTT tablet training workshop for facilitators at their head office in Sandton. One of the sessions was about how to use Role play as a learner centered teaching strategy. The aim is to explore issues around a given relevant topic and to then brainstorm some solutions or answers using a negotiated process. Participants are asked to design the role play, video it and then evaluate each others role plays while learning about the issues and solutions.​
To kick start the process we always do a sample role play to give everybody an idea of how to get going. Normally we pick a participant using a random student picker app. On this occasion, however, the CEO of Marsh, Spiros Fatouros, came to sit in on our session to see what ICT4RED is all about and to share a bit about what Marsch do, which was a perfect opportunity to get him involved. To our delight he voluntarily agreed to participate and fulfilled the role of the teacher brilliantly. He was a little scared though (and we do not blame him).....

The scenario: Teachers not handing in, or doing their badges.

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