Friday, 13 March 2015

Reflection as a teaching strategy

During the past week we had a very emotional trip down our ICT4RED memory lane while doing our last ICT4RED Module, aptly named, Reflection. We have so much to reflect on. Not only did we immerse ourselves in the nitty gritty practical implications of learner based teaching strategies, but we also formed strong bonds of camaraderie and learning networks.

Module 10 is a time for looking back and evaluating what we have learned, how it has impacted on our classroom practice and how we can take it forward. It is also a time for celebrating our success. At the end of every module we took time out to reflect:

  • What worked?
  • What did not work?
  • How did we use what we have learned in the classroom?
All these reflections formed part of the learning journey and counted towards the reflective practitioners badge. all reflections were captured in a portfolio of evidence using an app called Memoires which can be used in offline and online scenarios. During Module 10 the teachers did a final reflection and exported their course reflections to share with us and as well as our monitoring and evaluation team. It will take us some time to marvel at all the classroom moments, lesson plans and photo portfolios that the teachers shared with us. 

Some of the comments from the teachers during the week:

Stesh Gcobo: The joy of the Lord is my strength, I will forever love this project

Monica Phumeza : This course encourages learners and teachers to enjoy teaching and learning. It makes teaching and learning fun.

Maneli Nosiho: I found that its easy, not difficult to use a mobile device to prepare a lesson. Everybody, that is the teachers and the learners, are working together!

Mandisa Soboyise: The way we were taught about the strategies was the best! The course was very fun and excellent as I am able to use different apps in my classroom. 

Nokuzola Finy: It taught me to share the information I have with my colleagues. It has also taught me that no man is an island, I have to connect. The 21st century skills came up tops in that I can transfer them to my learners. 

Nolita Koyo: It was very interesting and it gave me full potential of using the mobile device in my classroom, in the school and also in the community as a whole.

Thilantle Lamfiti: This course was absolutely excellent for me. It helped me to know how to use technology information using my tablet. 

Noziphiwo Twalo: This course developed my creativity. I got lots of teaching strategies to use in my classroom. I wish it could continue to develop other schools and teachers as well. 

Themby: Wow what an exciting program, its marvelous to be on ICT 4 Red. It has revived my spirit in teaching. I'm a new person with new technological skills ,Viva tech 4 red.

Nokuzola Fini: 
Project (ICT4RED) is developmental just have to change your attitude and go with the flow.It has stood the test of time, it has equipped educators with 5C's ( Creativity, critical thinking,collaboration, connectivity and good communication skills) These are the 21st Century skills.The project knows no boundaries and age restrictions. It cuts through, its for all.

Thank You
We thank the learner teams from Arthur Mfebe and St James Secondary schools, who assisted with the collection of all the reflections. 

A special thanks to all our teachers, who so diligently showed up, always! We appreciate your commitment to this project. We salute your enthusiasm in implementing what you have learned in your classrooms. We loved the singing, fun and collaboration. We loved the hugs and smiles. We are looking forward to your graduation on the 28th of March where we will celebrate your success!

Some of the photo Moments:

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  1. This has been an emotional week as we were doing the last module. We have become a family. Thanks people for allowing me to be your facilitator you were a bunch of wonderfull teachers. I want to say carry on the baton of light. Light in those little corners that you are.