Monday, 16 February 2015

Visit by a researcher

This was a fun day at school when we had a researchers who cam from London. He wanted to see how do we intergrate the tablets with the curriculum. He also interviewed teachers to hear their stories. I was using the jigsaw strategy in Grade 9 English lesson term 1 , week 3-4 day 3. The lesson was on letter writting that Writting and Presentation. They used their tablets to check on how to write a letter, different types of letters, how to edit it.They worked as a team applaying the 21st Century Skills which are :collaboration, connectivity, critical thinking, communication.
They even gave reports on the tasks when we were doing consolidation.

The learner consolidating                           
Learners giving reports in their home groups
Learners doing consolidation
Learners busy in their task groups
 The visitor observing            
Learners answering questions
Educator handing out the tasks

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