Thursday, 6 November 2014

#Carnivaltabletfun day preparations!! Jaribaaaaa

It is that time of the year again when we look back and celebrate our success!! And what a successful year we had! All our schools have earned their data projectors and some have even earned  mobi-kits for their learners through their sheer determination and hard work. To date our badge collectors have collected 1950 badges- Wow, wow,wow! So we sure have a lot to celebrate. (For more information on how our badging Earn As You Learn System works, click here)

Our theme this year is Carnival tablet fun and we are planning a bumper celebration!! This year we will again be doing a large scale learning stations strategy. This will show the teachers how this strategy can work on a larger scale to learn stuff while at the same time having fabulous fun! They have been exposed to this learning and teaching strategy as part of our 10 module learner centered TPD course (See

We are hoping to trend again on Twitter like we did last year with lots of happy stories abound! See our Twitter #tabletfunday story here: . There will be food stalls and a few exhibitors and lots and lots and lots of prizes for our teachers.

This year our hosts are Get Ahead College in Queenstown  ( who has enthusiastically agreed to allow us to change their school into a carnival funland! There will be entertainment on the Bus-stage and the classrooms will be the locations for fun learning stations!!

The programme so far looks like this:

  • 8h00-9h00 Registration 
  • 9h00-9h30 Welcome, housekeeping, introduction of Exhibitors and introduction to the twitter backchannel.
  • 9h30-13h00 Learning stations:
  • Exhibitor stations (Rugani Carrots, Schoolnet, Google, Microsoft)
  • Twitter stations
  • Badge collection station
  • Tech and app station
  • Mouse station (Monitoring and evaluation story collection)
  • Blog station
  • Flower and feather station 
  • Game and joke station
  • Shoe-shoe station
  • Drawing and face painting station
  • Mobile skill challenge station
  • So far...... 
  • 9h00-13h00  Refreshment stations throughout the day (hot dog stations, pancake stations, cappuccino stations
  • 13h00-15h00 Carnival draw and fun

Our funday would not be a funday without lots and lots of prizes. We really want to thank our sponsors for coming to the "party" and donating lovely prizes for our teachers.

Some of the amazing sponsors so far are:

  • Afrihost is again sponsoring a great Zest 2 Dual sim Mobile phone like they did last year. They also have great mobile data deals. (for more see their website here:
  • Schoolnet is sponsoring 3 cameras and goodies (
  • Google is coming loaded with caps, bags, usb drives and stuffies
  • Casio and NMMU counts in with calculators and a really fab ladies and gents watch
  • Rugani carrots will keep us healthy with loads of carrots, usb drives and goodies. ( /
  • Lymmyl Technologies is keeping our teachers connected with data bundles
  • Benita Williams and Associates is donating a R1000 to spend on cool stuffies
We will also be handing over the earned data projectors to the various schools, earned incentives to teachers,  as well as announcing which schools have earned their learner mobikits. 

Prizes categories
Some of the categories that we will be fun-ning for:
  • Completing the carnival journey. 
  • Biggest learning twit (most tweets)
  • Best photogragh/ photo collage
  • Best tweet
  • Best blogpost
  • Lovely-est flower power photo
  • Most original shoe-shoe
  • Best edu-tab story
  • Highest game score
  • Best joke
  • Best carnival picture drawn
  • Best carnival dress-up.
  • .......

If you want to still donate some cool prizes please send us an email to so that we can organise collection and transport to Queenstown! See our sponsor letter here for more information on how you can get involved. 

Come prepared!!
Sooooo, we are in for a wonderful, let our hair down and have our tablets ready to capture fab-fun- moments-kind-of-a-day. Teachers must make sure that their tablets are loaded and ready for action. 

Everybody must come dressed up already. Put on your feathers and curls or come in traditional Xhosa gear- you must be dressed up!. there will be a big prize for the best dressed teacher!!

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