Friday, 13 June 2014

Building Subject Adviser capacity in the Cofimvaba district

Our subject adviser change leaders
During the week of 23-25 April 2014 we hosted a 3 day Change Leadership course for 39 Cofimvaba district subject advisers. The purpose of the training course, which was developed and facilitated by Schoolnet,  was to launch the Change Leadership process before the ICT4RED phase 3 programme takes off. During the course the district officials were equipped with the skills and knowledge required to make new initiatives a lasting success in Cofimvaba schools who participate in the ICT4RED project.

What does it take to be a change leader?
The course has seven modules which were facilitated in three days i.e. three modules covered per day and only one module was done on the last day including the subject advisers' badges. As with the TPD course, badges are used as challenges to provide evidence of participants skills and understandings. The course is structured such that participants are gaining new knowledge, skills and understanding about Change Leadership. Participants experienced the use of Teaching Strategies to be used in the
ICT4RED Teacher Professional Development such as Jigsaw, Role play, Learning Stations and
Mind Mapping (Brainstorming) – other additional strategies learned or experienced were ‘Give one Get One’ and an orderly discussion meeting.

We can work and collaborate anywhere!
It is hoped that the Subject Advisers will share and reinforce the use of these learned teaching strategies with the teachers they work with.

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