Thursday, 24 October 2013

Tablet Fun Fun Fun-day preparations

We are having great fun preparing for our fun day with our #ict4red teachers in #cofimvaba! We will be hosting 150 of our amazing teachers on Saturday 2 November and is therefore preparing a vibrant team to make sure that everybody will be having maximum fun fun fun! We are so chuffed that teachers are prepared to give up a WHOLE Saturday to come and learn more about their tablets and have fun with us. That makes us very (h)appy!

Reaching for the stars!
As this #ict4red course is all about changing teaching into a more collaborative fun, student centered activity (using tablets), we will be using the teaching strategy that we learned about last (Learning stations) to create a large scale, school wide,  learning station, which will more resemble a fabulously fun market place of learning! You will be going around collecting tidbits of skills, apps, knowledge and collaborations, while getting completely STAR STUDDED (literally). Your aim will be to collect as many stars as possible within a limited time span.

The team
Your friendly facilitators and the Meraka team, will be there to help and assist you, but we have also organised some learners to turn the tables on you! For once they will be teaching and helping YOU- payback time! We have hand picked a big bunch of PUNKS to make sure that you can operate your tablet like a NINJA. 

Don't forget to charge your tablets in order to cope with all the fun! Please bring with all your cables and bits as we will make sure that you know how to do your fun-bit!

Registration fun will start at 8 am sharp! So get there early to get a head start!! If you already have an email address make sure that you remember the password!! If at all possible you can already send us an email to with your name and school and why you are a star tablet user. There might be a prize in it!! Also for those who have not SMS-ed us that they are coming, please do so as that will definitely enter you in the prize draw! If you have not received a SMS invite, also let us know!

Talking about Prizes!!
We have lots of fun tech related prizes to be won! There are TV connector cables, flash drives, SD cards, speakers, earphones, external chargers, tablet pens, car chargers aaaaaand.....a laptop and Samsung S4 to be won! We also have a floating trophy for the school with the most stars per teacher!! Jaribaaaaaa!!!

Our amazing sponsors!!
We just want to thank all our sponsors so far for their support and dedication to teachers professional development in our country!! Meraka, Afrihost, Eduboard, ICT4Champions, Schoolnet and Queens college who is making their school, students and WiFi available to us at no extra cost. Jaribaaa indeed! We are still looking for more prizes. Please contact us at if you love our teachers and want to show some support!


  1. Hi everyone! Looking forward to seeing you all in Queenstown!!

  2. Hi ALL
    It looks exciting Maggie, can't wait.

  3. Wooow you know Maggie I can't wait for de big day we are going to show other schools that Zamuxolo educators (Gogos) are already Ninjas. Chauuuuuuu

    1. I cant wait to meet you too Busi and try peace(Zamuxolo) gogos

  4. We will certainly have a great weekend

  5. We will certainly have a great time in Queenstown this weekend.

  6. At Queens Coll. Ready for our tablet fun day

  7. My world as a teacher is changing everyday because of tablet